Tier II permitting is a statewide air pollution program. Maintaining an active permit ensures that your business complies with regulations set forth by the State of Texas and EPA. To obtain a permit, you must have a Texas Identification Number (TIN) on file with the state prior to applying for a Tier II permit or renewal. Once you submit your application, it undergoes review by TCEQ staff and when you are found eligible for a Tier II permit, one will be issued.

C&S can help with your Tier II permitting with on-site inspections of the facility to determine if the facility is in compliance with regulations. Our inspectors will conduct a comprehensive inventory of all hazardous chemicals on site and make sure that proper emergency response plans are in place. We can also help you maintain your Tier II permit by providing training for staff members to ensure they are prepared for any emergencies that may arise at your facility.

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