A threatened and endangered species survey is a comprehensive study of an area to determine the presence of a threatened or endangered species.

This is a crucial first step in creating plans to protect those species.

The field investigators from C&S Consulting will go out into the field to conduct the survey, which involves collecting data about the habitat, wildlife population, and environmental conditions. This allows us to create an accurate picture of what the area looks like and what threats are present for any animals that might be there. We use this information to determine whether or not a habitat has enough resources for an animal's survival.

If the presence of a potential habitat is determined, we will record a habitat boundary and the area will be photo-documented by our investigators. In addition to the potential habitat investigations, we will document individual species occurrences when positively identified.  Where identified, individual species occurrences and/or their critical habitats are recorded by GPS technology and are photo-documented and provided to the client.

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