C&S will conduct a review of the site-specific operations and prepare a Stormwater Pollution Protection Plan (SWPPP) for your facility to ensure compliance with the regulations.

Construction projects and most industries are regulated under the SWPPP regulations. The purpose of the SWP3 is to identify actual and potential sources of pollution that may reasonably be expected to affect the quality of stormwater discharges from the facility and to establish practices and controls to prevent pollutants from entering the stormwater.  The SWPPP/SWP3 requires compliance maintenance activities, which are outlined below, to ensure the effectiveness of prevention of stormwater pollution.

  • Completion of a Stormwater Pollution Protection Plan if one is not available and is required.
  • Perform and document on-site quarterly inspections of the facility.
  • Conduct and document quarterly visual monitoring of stormwater discharges.
  • Perform and document on-site annual comprehensive site compliance evaluation.
  • Conduct and document annual hazardous metals monitoring of stormwater discharges if required by the current plan.
  • Ensure all required records are being maintained at the facility.

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