NORM Surveys, or Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material surveys, are radiological surveys that identify and quantify naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) in a given area. NORM Surveys are conducted on equipment and land surrounding suspect areas where NORM could be present. This data is used to help companies manage their environmental impact on the surrounding community and comply with regulations.

Our trained professionals conduct NORM surveys specialized equipment to measure ionizing radiation levels in the air and on surfaces. This information is then collected and analyzed to determine whether there is any potential health risk associated with exposure to these materials.

Our team of surveyors will work with you to identify areas where NORM may be present. Once we have identified these areas, we will take measurements to determine their concentration levels and create a plan for mitigation and disposal of the waste. By identifying contaminated equipment and waste, we can help protect your employees, customers, and community by minimizing the risks associated with this type of material.

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