Monitoring Well, Rig Supply and Pipeline Plugging

Well plugging services are provided with our Geo-Loop Hydraulic Coiled Tubing Unit. The construction of Coiled Tubing Units includes many safety features such as an easy slide table for heavy sacks, a safety rail for workers, a Deep Set Hydraulic Hose Reel containing 1,000′ of 1 ¼” HD150-SDR11 Poly Pipe and two (2) 60-gallon “non-stop continuous flow” mixers.

It is capable of plugging wells, via the required tremie pipe method, from bottom to surface or it is utilized existing well washing/flushing, for sediment buildup.

This Coiled Tubing Unit is also employed with our Cathodic Protection (CP) Department to pump coke breeze for ground bed installation.

Failing 1500

  • Air or Mud Rotary
  • Top Head Drive or Rotary Drive
  • Capable of Cutting up to a 12” Hole
  • Will Drill and Set Dewatering Wells

Geo-Loop Hydraulic Coiled Tubing Unit

  • 1000’ of 1.25” Poly Line
  • Twin Mixers for Continuous Flow
  • Dual Piston Pump for Higher Pressures
  • Capable of Pumping Cement and Coke Breeze